If you are looking for 1:1 support from someone who has walked in your shoes knowing, join a coaching package below.  

I help you get from constantly worrying about your relationship, judging your partner's loud chewing, & second guessing every decision you're making right down to the cake topper to truly enjoying this season of wedding planning, smiling ear to ear as you walk down the aisle, and sipping on champagne in honeymoon bliss. 

This is for women who are ready for a deep dive into their anxiety with personalized support who need help now and are ready to say yes to a happy future.


90 Day Confident Fiancé
1:1 Coaching Program with Gina

I help you go from freaking out about getting married to walking down the aisle calmly and confidently.

From someone who has gone through it...I know exactly how you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed about getting married.  I know the doubts and stressing about whether or not you're making the right decision or knowing they are 'the one.'

At the time, I had no idea why I was feeling so anxious about the thought of getting married and felt totally lost and alone.  

Then I figured out why this was happening, found ways to get through it, and now I'm happily married and never looked back.

I know I went through my relationship and engagement anxiety for a reason and so that's why I created Engaged and Anxious to be a resource to other women going through what I did.

Looked for signs from the universe telling you if you should stay or leave your relationships (bill boards, songs on the radio, random objects, tv shows)

Scrolled past page 10 on any wedding planning decision website (cake toppers, dresses, invites) without being able to make a decision

Seriously considered breaking up with your partner, knowing that's not what you really want to do

Have asked countless family members and friends if you are making the right decision by getting married to your partner

Have been annoyed by things your partner has done that never used to bother you before (loud chewing, bushy eyebrows, outfit choices)

Are having intrusive thoughts about calling off your wedding or questioning your relationship

This program is for you if you...

Lost sleep thinking about what happens if your marriage doesn't work out or what people would think of you if you called off your wedding

Googled for help on this topic late at night looking for relationship advice or wondered 'what's wrong with me?'

Feeling paralyzed about making the decision to get married

Asking everyone (even strangers like your bartender) for validation on your choice

Sleepless nights worrying if they're "the one"

Over-ANALYZING everything your partner does, down to their chewing

Watching the Runaway Bride and looking for signs to run

Scrolling through Bumble to 'test yourself'

Making pro con lists

delaying wedding planning



Feeling confident in your decision

Getting excited about wedding planning and making decisions

looking forward to life after the wedding

being present in the months leading up to your wedding

cheerfully choosing centerpieces 

walking down the aisle smiling ear to ear looking at the love of your life

sipping on champagne on the beach in mexico, basking in honeymoon bliss

snuggled up with your spouse at home completely happy, wondering how you could have ever let this go

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.

I take you from...

"I can’t thank you enough for all of your help. If I had not met you, I’m not sure where I would be right now. You helped me more than you know. You were, without a doubt, a blessing from Jesus. Thank you" 

-Nicole (Now Happily Married)

"If I had not met you, I'm not sure where I would be right now."

"When I first got engaged I had a flurry of emotions. I felt excited, happy, but also a little anxious. In the days following my proposal, the anxiety only intensified. I felt so alone and afraid to talk about this with anyone because I didn't want to give people the impression that I didn't love my fiancé or that I was second-guessing marrying him. After numerous google searches, I found Gina's blog post on engagement anxiety. Immediately after reading it I felt so much better knowing that the way I was feeling was normal and that I'm not the only one who has gone through this. I took this Engaged and Anxious course and can honestly say I have learned so much about myself and am on the path to healing. I can understand why I had these emotions and the reaction I did and learn and grow from them. If you're like me and feeling extremely anxious after getting engaged, know you are not alone! The knowledge and advice Gina shares in this course will be life-changing. "

-Samantha (Currently Engaged)

"This course will be life changing."


You have 6 coaching calls you can take advantage of during your 90 day program.  You can choose the date and time of your calls from a calendar that fit to your schedule.  Either use two a month, or if you need more help upfront, you can use them as you need.


Voxer is an amazing voice and text messaging app.  This allows you to send a voice message or text message directly to me at any hour and I'll get back to you within a day during business hours.  You have access to this for the duration of the program to talk to someone who has gone through what you have...priceless!

90 day is the minimum program length to truly achieve the desired results.  If your wedding is in less than 90 days and would still need help, you can join and use your coaching calls in a shorter time period.

Additional time may be added after the program has ended. 

When are the 6 coaching calls?

Yes! I know I market mostly to women because as a woman I know the feelings that have come up to me personally, but I am open to all types of people and relationships!

i'm a male, can i join?

What is voxer?

Can i join for less than 90 days or more?

Yes!  There is a monthly payment plan option of $500 per month for 3 months.  If this is still a stretch for you, please consider the cost of what you are paying for your wedding when comparing costs.  You may be able to cut costs on your wedding in order to pay for this coaching if you feel it is important than say, flower arrangements.

Is there a payment plan?

This coaching program is  non-refundable.  Your results depend on the effort you put into the program, showing up for calls and doing the inner work.  I'm here to help you with that work in the best way I can, and if you show up and put in 100% you will the see results you desire.

Is there a refund policy?

Everyone deserves to have a happy relationship and it is possible for you. Let me help you get there.

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.

I believe: