-You're Feeling Completely Overwhelmed at Just the Thought of Getting Married
-You Are Questioning Everything About Your Relationship
-You Keep Asking Others For Validation on If You Should Be With Your Partner
-You Have Thought About Calling Off Your Engagement or Breaking Up With Your Partner
-You're Not Feeling Totally Overjoyed During the "Happiest Time of your Life"
-You Can't Stop Overanalyzing Everything and are Having Thoughts like
"How Do Know I'm Not Making a Mistake?" and 'How Do I Know They're the One?"
-You Suddenly Find Things Annoying About Your Partner That Never Bothered You Before
-You Feel Guilty and Just Want the Doubting to Stop
-You Desperately Want to Know You're Making the Right Decision and
Feel Confident in Your Relationship

So You're Feeling Anxious...
I Know How You Feel.