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Feeling overwhelmed and stressed about getting married?  Have you doubted your relationship?  Are you worried about making the 'right' decision and making sure your partner is 'the one?'

This guidebook is a great start to learn about engagement anxiety, uncover the root cause of what's causing your anxiety, and start your healing process.

*You don't need to be engaged to benefit from the guidebook- this is for anyone struggling with relationship anxiety.

Features include:

✔   Over 30 Pages of Content and Prompts
✔   Guided Journal & Workbook
✔   Exercises to Cope with Anxiety

The Engaged & Anxious Guidebook

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Feeling paralyzed about making the decision to get married

Overanalyzing every detail about your relationship

Asking everyone (even strangers) for validation on your choice

losing sleep worrying if they're "the one"

Over-ANALYZING everything your partner does, down to their appearance

looking for signs to run

Scrolling through dating apps to 'test yourself'

Making pro con lists

delaying wedding planning

Feeling physically ill because of the stress

suffering from guilt from thinking these thoughts


have intrusive thoughts that you can't shake like 'what if i'm making a mistake'

wanting to just stop the roller coaster of emotions and feel excited about getting married and secure in your relationship

This Guidebook is for you if you are...

Does any of this sound familiar? if so, you're in the right spot.

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.

I was once in your shoes...and I was able to overcome my relationship anxiety and am now happily married.  This is the resource I wish I had back then- so I created for you so you don't have to suffer like I did.

I'm living proof anxiety doesn't have to stop you from the love you deserve...

- Caitlin (Happily Married)

I have been having so many changes in my life on top of getting married. This book was incredibly helpful for helping me realize that anxiety around marriage is totally normal but also sometimes it's just anxiety from other things that are masked as wedding anxiety. For me, a lot of change, and this wedding makes me feel like once I'm married that I will now officially be an adult. Which sounds funny but can feel really stressful. This book's prompts helped me realize why I was nervous about becoming an adult and that when I get married, nothing is actually going to change except my last name. The writing prompts were incredibly easy to allow thoughts to flow onto the paper and there was added information about situations regarding the prompts' topics. Now I'm only anxious about my florals, DJ, and stuff like that instead of my marriage. I am so excited to take this next step and get married!

"I got married last month with flying colors and it was the best day ever. Your journal helped me to absolutely no end. So thank you so much!!!! 

- Sara (Happily Married!)

The guidebook really helped me step away from my anxiety fears & doubts & let me focus on my feelings and love for my fiancé. For anxious people, engagement can be a rough transition, but the guidebook is a great way to start to slow down the thoughts. :) 

-Emma (Engaged)

“I wish I would have had this sooner. My engagement anxiety hit me like a truck about 6 months before my wedding. While I can now acknowledge that anxiety has been a part of my life for a long time, the way that it was manifesting in one of the most important areas of my life was TERRIFYING. I fell into the trap of Google Searches and projecting my fears onto everything (songs, movies, other people’s relationship statuses) that I feared were giving me signs to run my from my healthy, incredibly loving, and supportive long-term relationship.

I wish I had invested in this sooner because I think I would’ve come to process my hard truths a lot sooner and might’ve avoided a lot of suffering. The prompts, education, and perspectives really helped me to dig deep into the things that I was really needing to process and grieve: my fears of inadequacy, my fear of failure, learning how to trust my decisions, and opening myself up to the ultimate risk that is love without ever being certain of the outcome.

I am now less than 2 weeks before my wedding, and while I can’t say my anxiety has completely dissipated, I can truthfully say that I’m exponentially more excited and feel much more equipped to navigate the anxiety than before.“ 

-Maya (Engaged)

This book has helped me a lot in preparing for my wedding day! When I tell you I finished over half of this journal/book in one day, it’s no joke! It had me wanting to keep digging deeper into my thoughts and find the real reasons why I was “anxious for my wedding day” like everyone says. This is a must for anyone that is engaged and feeling like they need take a step back from planning and focus on their mental health! Absolutely love it!

- Abby (Engaged)

Your guidebook literally worked like magic! I'm not having any more doubts about my relationship and finally feel healed! The guidebook was so helpful you have such a wonderful thing you're doing. Thanks so much for helping me!

-Shannon (In a relationship)

- Katherine Bennett

"I'm so happy I bought this product. Immediately, all my questions were answered and I was able to finally get the clarity and results I was looking for. Thank you!"


What They're Saying:

This is everything combined into one easy to read resource-- the resource I wish I had when I was going through relationship anxiety!

This is a great place to start if you know something is off but you're needing to learn more about yourself and your relationship.

This guidebook gives a overview of relationship anxiety and helps you understand where it could be coming from

The guidebook includes exercises that you can try right away.  These are exercises that I still use today to help with anxiety that you probably haven't ever heard before

There are over 30 pages of content in this guidebook.  It's completely guided and walks you through prompts and exercises to help address the root cause of your anxiety

There is a digital version, which means you can download it and start getting help right away.  You can fill it out on your computer or print it out- or order it off Amazon.

FAQs on the Guidebook:

Everyone deserves to have a happy relationship and it is possible for you. Let me help you get there.

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.

I believe: