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Scared to Get Engaged? Let’s Figure Out Why

If you’re scared to get engaged, you’re in the right place. Here, we talk about engagement anxiety.

Now, usually engagement anxiety is a term I reserve for when you are engaged and anxious about getting married, but it also can apply to being scared to get engaged in the first place.

So you’re thinking about getting engaged…

And you’re kinda freaking out…

If you feel like your partner might propose and had physical signs of anxiety, you’re in the right place.

If you know your partner is going to propose and are dreading it, you’re in the right place.

If you feel like you should propose, but don’t feel ready, you’re in the right place.

If you felt like your partner was going to propose in a park and then ran and hid in a bush, you’re in the right place.

If you’re the one being proposed to…

Your anxiety may be stemming from making a decision.

If you are someone who never had to make decisions for themselves or have had your self trust broken, then you may be struggling with trusting yourself enough to make this big decision.

It’s so important to be clear with your partner about how you feel to make sure you’re on the same page. Because I know you dread them being down on one knee and not knowing what to say.

If you are feeling anxious, first try to understand if it’s your fear of making a decision or if it could stem from something deeper or red flags in your partner. I can help you do this through my Engaged and Anxious Guidebook to find the root cause of your anxiety.

If you feel like you do want to get married and the fear is stemming from the pressure of a big engagement spectacle, request to your partner you would prefer something more intimate instead.

If you’re the one proposing…

You’re carrying a lot of pressure, I get it. You have to make sure to plan it out perfectly, hide the ring box, remember what to say, and not drop the ring. It’s a lot.

But before you get to that point, you have to decide if you’re ready to pop the question in the first place.

You may have a fear of getting married that is blocking you from wanting to propose. Or you may be not ready for this next chapter.

If you are being pressured by your partner to propose, that doesn’t mean you should. You have to work through your anxieties first in order to feel confident in your question. A good starting point is my Engaged and Anxious Guidebook that walks you through some reasons why you may be hesitant to propose and how to work through them.

Being engaged is a big commitment and so the fact that you’re here, taking it seriously is a good sign. Marriage is a transition and so most of the time you’ll have to work through these fears first in order to feel more confident to walk down the aisle.

If you’re scared to get engaged, just know that there is hope and I’m here to help. Check out my other resources to learn more.



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