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Engaged, But Scared to Get Married? Read This…

So you’re engaged, but scared to get married. You may be questioning everything about your relationship and wondering if your partner is “the one,” or if you’re making the “right decision.”

I totally get it.

You may have never experienced this fear before getting engaged, but now it hit you like a ton of bricks and is stressing you out to the max. Or maybe you were a little scared before getting married but knew you’d make your decision in the moment, but now you’re still unsure.

If You’re Engaged, But Scared to Get Married…

1) Know That It’s Totally Normal.

Many men and women alike are fearful of getting married. This is a big life transition and therefore it’s normal to put some weight on this decision. It’s actually a good thing you are feeling a little anxious, because that means you are taking this commitment seriously.

2) Understand It Probably Doesn’t Have To do With Your Partner

The Ego is the part of you that protects you from danger. So odds are your ego is making you stressed AF right now because getting married is ‘dangerous’ to your heart. By committing yourself to someone, that means you are being vulnerable and you could get hurt. Your ego may be intervening and it’s showing up as fear in order to protect you.

3) Do Some Inner Work

If you are truly afraid of getting married, then it’s time to figure out why. Is it that you have to make this decision on your own? Is it because you are scared of everything changing? Are you having an identity crisis of what it means to be a husband or wife?

This is where I can help…through my Engaged and Anxious Guidebook, you can find the root cause of your fear, which is the first step to addressing it.

Most of the time, fear of getting married stems from a lack of self trust, or transition anxiety. By figuring out why you’re feeling that way, then you’ll know better how to work through it.

marriage preparation; engaged but scared of getting married

4) Tell Your Partner

I know this is the last thing you want to do or hear, but you’ll be better off if you tell your fiance you are kinda freaking out about getting married. If this is the person you’ll be spending the rest of your life with, then you should be comfortable letting them know your fears. Explain to them that it’s not them, but rather to ask them help you through this big transition.

So, if you’re engaged but scared to get married, know that you are not alone. This is common and all it takes is a little work to get through it on your way to a happy marriage.


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